The End Of Spiritual Seeking

no end

I think it was King Solomon in the Bible who said that there is no end to the writing of books.

It is true.

There is no end to seeking too.

No end to desiring and wanting.

If we no longer desire and want, then there is no reason for us to go on living.

But there may be an end to spiritual seeking.

This is when a pivotal shift in consciousness occurs.

When you no longer see duality.

Many have said it:

“We are All One”

“No separation”

“The world is an illusion”

“Life is only a dream”


But would we really believe or understand these statements if we cannot see it, touch it, feel it, taste it?

For many of us, these could just be riddles that we either don’t buy into, or we see them as obscure holy statements which we tend to blindly follow and regurgitate just because we heard it from a popular and respected spiritual leader – who may, or may have not experienced it himself / herself.


What's Your Take? :-)

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