We Play A Game


For love of One’s Self

Acting like a child

Play is God’s nature


I have a story

You have a story

We tell different stories



I am the hero

You the villain

You the hero

I the villain


You and I

We play this Game

In God’s eye

There is no blame!


[Journal entry: scribbled on a scrap of paper,
don’t know when it was written and who inspired]

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And he said:

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”  – Mathew 18:3 NIV



I long to return to the world of my childhood

where there is no care in the world

playing, alone, self-contained

fully present in the now moment

moving by impulse, pure, innocent, curious

bright-eyed, frisky, exuberant

no worries, no judgement of right and wrong

no guilt feelings, no baggage

light, free, unconditioned

wounded from the game, but holds no grudges

no self-pitying, just accepting, and moving on

no projecting into the future

no lingering in the past

indeed, to enter the kingdom of God is to become like a child again.

[journal entry: 6-30-14]

A Curse You Put On Me


You came calling in my dreams

whispering love, winning my heart

In waking state, you say you are innocent

Oh heavens, what a curse you put on me!


How am I going to understand this?

Am I to awaken a sleeping lover?

From a contract we signed together?

Oh heavens, what a curse you put on me!

[Journal entry 5-22-15]