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Flowing with the spirit of the times where self-expression, open communication, and the sharing of ideas and perspectives, have become a gift we all could explore and enjoy, Readers of this blog are encouraged to share the contents with others, by posting it on their own blogs, in social media sites, etc., but please credit the content creator ( Allu Kuy ) by simply linking to this website as the source of the original material. Thank you!  🙂

While every effort has been taken to provide readers with the most contemplated perspectives, please consult the wisdom of your Inner Self and use your discretion before taking any decisions  based on the information in this blog.

Photographs and Graphic Images – With the exception of the photos of me, or anything that I have taken a photo of, or images borrowed from  friends, the rest of the image content is not mine. I Google search and use what I deem goes well with a story I post. If these photos are yours and you want me to stop using them, please contact me and I will remove them.

Libel & Defamation – I am not responsible for any content that might be deemed defamatory by government or religious laws from the reader’s country of origin.  This blog is solely my opinion and there is no intention to malign any god, prophet, country, religion, ethnic group, organization, individuals, or anyone that has the ability or interest to hold me liable.

Take only information that resonates and is helpful in your journey; forget the rest.


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