Allu Kuy is the author of the  organically developed metaphysical book, Becoming Mad and Asking Why the River is Flowing.

Allu comes from a shamanic bloodline that runs both through her paternal and maternal ancestry. She belongs to the Igorot  indigenous ethnic groups inhabiting the mountains of Luzon island, Philippines.

Allu was  raised in a traditional way but, through scholarship grants,  was able to acquire a formal education. She holds a B.A. in the Social Sciences from the University of the Philippines, and M.A. in International Relations from the International University of Japan.  Her M.A. major was International Politics, specializing in Comparative Culture and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Through intense immersion with life and perceptive observation of the world, Allu felt deeply disenchanted with what she calls the ‘ordinary world’ where humans play the same game for eons. Her lack of interest, boredom, and angst all changed, however, after she unexpectedly met with the Great Storyteller, who, she found out, is the one writing all the scripts of life – for better or for worse. From then on, she realized that the ‘ordinary world’ could become fascinating, if seen through non-ordinary lenses.

Although Allu opts for the more accessible universal approach in expressing her spiritual philosophy, she feels that drawing from the  spiritual power source of her shamanic lineage  adds a unique dimensional depth and firm grounding to her metaphysics.

Her other interests and activities are very varied:

In times she feels uninspired to do action, she spends days slumbering and doing nothing.

Drawn and pulled by the unknown, the deep and the mysterious, she is a fearless scout and lead guide in entering and exploring deep caves, trekking in virgin forests and dense jungles.

She coaches in rappelling, bouldering and rock climbing.

She now spends most of her time playing and communing with nature and the animals while continually  ruminating about life, death, love and beauty.

Allu is a mystic and a philosopher, but she prefers to be simply known as a storyteller.


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