Ho’oponopono is a simple, gentle, but very effective ancient Hawaiian approach to healing.

In my understanding, Ho’oponopono works as it is premised on the metaphysical principle that we create our own reality. Each one of us, through our ignorance of the divine principles, contributes to the manifestation of diseases and social ills in our world. A healer has as much a responsibility in creating a disease as the sick person himself. (Of course the sick person did not consciously ask to be sick, but through what is happening in his mind, he may have unwittingly allowed illness to touch him). Similarly, if the healer himself does not ‘see’ lack, limitations, impairments, diminishment, illnesses, such conditions will not be created. This is why in Ho’oponopono, the healer says sorry, asks for forgiveness, and then activates love vibration and gratitude in place of the unwanted conditions that have already been created.

The master healer is like Jesus. He who dwells in a very high frequency range that he does not see any kind of impairment in another. Instead, he only sees the perfect well-being of the patient, an image he powerfully projects to the patient. And if the patient is receptive (or has faith), he is, in no time, healed.

Another way of storytelling this is — there are different timelines we live in or have access to. A master healer, like Jesus, dwells in a very high frequency timeline where the thoughts of lack, illness, and limitations are virtually unknown and, thus, uncreated. In this high frequency timeline, all of us are in perfect well-being, unimpaired and lacking of nothing. The master healer unwaveringly focuses on that version of the “patient” where the latter is in perfect well-being. This heals the patient. Surely, the patient himself can be his own healer. All he needs to do is to tap into that high frequency timeline and access that version of himself where he is in perfect well-being. He consistently focuses his attention on that perfect-well-being-image of himself until he becomes it.

In the timeline of Duality, the healer and the patient are co-creators; while in the timeline of Unity Consciousness, the healer and the patient are one and the same entity. So when a healer heals a patient, he is, at the same time, also healing a sick part of himself. In Ho’oponopono, this sick part of himself is his misguided or false perception. This is why in Ho’oponopono, the healer does not have to personally meet the patient in order to heal the latter. Instead, the healer takes full responsibility of what he created in his reality by correcting his false perception.

The healer thus says:

I am sorry for perceiving you as the bad person, as the criminal, as the sick one, as the drug addict, etc.

I am sorry for my part in sustaining the illusion (false perception) and thus co-creating it in our reality.

Please forgive me for my misguided way of seeing.

I love you (love to one’s self and love towards the patient)

I thank you (gratitude to one’s self and towards the patient)

There are no drugs involved in Ho’oponopono. Healing happens on the level of heart and mind and that’s why the need for sincerity when reciting the mantra.

My basis in coming up with this explanation is from my shamanic hallucinatory vision where I had a glimpse of that timeline where diseases, lack, and limitations do not exist (recounted in Chapter 32 of my book). These unwanted conditions will continue to play-out in our reality for as long as we keep on energising them by focusing on them.

To bring heaven on earth is to anchor the energies of that very high frequency timeline on earth.




“You have heard the law that says the punishment must match the injury: ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I say, do not resist an evil person! If someone slaps you on the right cheek, offer the other cheek also. Matthew 5:38-39. (New Living Translation)


In a relationship, when a couple breaks-up without a closure, there is a feeling of betrayal, rejection, resentment, and victimhood. This usually results in blaming, badmouthing, and the desire to revenge. From ancient times, we were hardwired to get even.

But just like in technology where old tools and programs are continually being phased out to be replaced by more advanced ones, so is the case of human evolution. Instead of the usual human response of fight or flight when faced with interpersonal crisis, when acceptance, understanding, compassion, and letting go replace the old ‘survival response’ program, a new program is well underway.

An individual who would choose to install this new program on their system could be said to have attained a vibrational leap forward in their personal evolution (akin to a far-reaching technological advancement), which impacts the evolution of the human collective as a whole.

It is a leap forward  because it takes a lot of inner strength to ‘turn the other cheek’ when the aggrieved is impulsed to hit back to get even.



Saving a Soul, Saving the World


Many activists, empaths, including so-called Way Showers and Light Workers have it deep in their hearts the genuine intention to save the world. This, because they have been moved, touched deeply by what they see around them – suffering, injustice, tragedies, pain, deaths.

I call them Wounded Healers. It takes one to be wounded to really feel and empathize with the hurt, the pain, the wound of others – of the world.

When one is wanting to save the world through their well-intentioned desire to save another person who they see is suffering or going through destructive habits or addictions, it is usually because one is also nursing their own wound – a part of them that is needing some attention, healing, some nourishing and nurturing.

This wounded aspect draws in an external actor to mirror the internal need. When we find ourselves nurturing the external actor, we are at the same time nurturing that inner part of us that is needing healing or attention. This is why we feel relieved and uplifted when we care for another as our act of healing and nurturing another is healing and nurturing that resonant part of us.

Every other creation we are observing reflects an aspect of us. We are not separate from one another.

I once wanted to save the world. I became a communist who at one point was on the verge of joining a guerrilla army to fight against capitalist-backed government forces. I was seventeen, a top college freshman. No, I was not brainwashed. I knew exactly what I wanted and why. I wanted to fight for justice, for equality, for the end of poverty, and to fight against environmental destruction of indigenous peoples’ ancestral domains.  If I was not wounded by injustice, I would have not perceived it the way I did. If I was not bitten by poverty, this social affliction would have not meant that much personally to me. These issues were in my face, they were my very personal wounds.

I once wanted to save certain people close to me. When someone you love is hurting, you feel their pain as if it is your own. When someone you love appears to be going down the road towards self-destruction, you want to rescue them. You want to rescue that part of you which is interlinked with them.

But there is just too much to save and many of them do not want to be “saved.” Or they do not see any need for saving. They are right. Everyone came with a different agenda, different experiences to explore, different paths to try on which is not greater or lesser than yours, only different.

Perhaps one person’s agenda is to annoy you to no end so you could see the futility of trying to change them into what they are not.

Many Light Workers and Way Showers end up being hurt and resentful when they feel that their efforts to help and rescue another is not acknowledged or valued. They are setting themselves up for disappointment when their rescue operation fails because the ones they are trying to rescue cannot live up to their well-meaning goals and expectations. Disappointments and frustrations happen when do-gooders expect something in return. When they expect their actions to be validated by others.

As an empath and  activist wanting to get something done about the many problems of the world, I have struggled with this “saving” dilemma for some time until I got energetically drained and tired of holding on to my hero/savior self-appointed identity. I was then young and rebellious, ready to take on the problems of the world!

I say that a Light Worker and Way Shower should continue doing what they do, not to save another’s soul, not with the overarching goal to save the world, but simply because they love to do what they do. They do what they do because it is their genuine self-expression and it makes them happy just to be in their self-expression.

In the end, we can only save ourselves, through personal development and strengthening of character. Then those who we are attempting to save may notice our example and by their own volition, they may or may not come to us. If they come to us, it means they are in a receptive mode and are more likely to be open to hear what we have to share.

The Wounded Healer: Wounded No More


Most healers are molded to become who they are – as healers and teachers – because of past wounds, hurts, and other very deep psychological experiences that led them to walk the sinuous Path of the Healer.

Not everyone is meant to be a healer – shaman, herbalist, therapist, nurse, doctor, artist.

We need engineers, technicians, carpenters, scientists, farmers, nannies, salespeople, truck drivers.

We need those whose job is to dig the ground and bury the dead. If you meet one, bow to them.

Do we need politicians? 🙂

Each to his or her own calling, different, yet equally indispensable.

Differences are what allow each one contribute to build a complete and balanced world.

We need fools – a reason for the wise to be known as ‘wise’.

We need sinners – a reason for the saint to be called a ‘saint’.

Many healers naturally start as wounded healers because they have to intimately know illness in order to know how to deal with, and heal illness.

However, there should come a time for a healer to pass the stage of being wounded.

A time for a healer to heal her own hurt, to close her own wounds, so that she can be an example that healing can indeed happen.

When a healer is able to close her own gaping wounds, when she had come to terms with her own inner demons, she no longer unconsciously engage in the usual human drama.

She may, however, consciously choose to engage in the drama. But it would now be only for fun, for play — for hers and others’ amusement.

The healer could then become a sort of a clown, a Fool in people’s eyes.

And she is at peace with it. She is at peace with everything.

She is content to exist  simply as herself. And all around her are healed by her healing presence.