The Creative Types

What would the world be like without the creative types?

The ones who create music that alter our moods, like a drug?

The ones who mix colors into equally sublime and terrifying images?

The ones who tell stories, to entertain and amuse, to offer insights and guidance on how to live passionate and happier lives?

The ones who move their bodies in elegant, powerful and fantastic ways to the beat of mild or wild rhythms?

And the many more creative types who are fearless to self-express in a world where to conform is to survive?

A world without artists and mystics would be a drab and dull world, I surmise.


creativity and gratitude


I’m Going to Die Laughin’

The-Indie-Mystics : A River of Love, Beauty & Inspiration

I am goin’ to die laughin’

and people ’round me, their heads shakin’

talking ’bout how crazy I had been.


I am goin’ to die laughin’

and people ’round me celebratin’

talking ’bout how funny I had been. 🙂



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