Money Is Power

Honest. Admit it. Whether we like it or not, money is power.

We may be strongly resistant to the thought that our sense of self-worth could be tied to how much money we have, but having very little or no money at all does significantly affect our level of self-confidence. For so-called conscious “spiritual workers”, especially, it is particularly difficult and embarrassing to admit this to oneself, since we loathe the thought that our value and confidence level could be affected by a mere “material” thing, such as money.

However, rather than to go on continually denying (as many Light Workers do) that our feelings are not a bit affected by our financial circumstances, it serves us to understand our confused or ambivalent relationship to money, so that we may find peace with it.

The first step is to see money for what it really is.

money is power

Money is energy. Energy is power. Money is power.

Energy, money, power – they all go through cycles of surges and declines. And just like the ebb and flow of the ocean tides, our emotions are naturally affected by the same energetic movements – the ebb and flow of money in our experience.

So there is really nothing to be embarrassed about when our moods and self-confidence is dampened by the ebb in our finances. It is but natural that we don’t feel so confident and energized when money energy is on the low, as it is natural to feel perky and confident when money energy is on the flow.

However, although we can’t help but feel dispirited when we are face to face with financial ebb, we can always find a way to use the experience to our advantage.

In my next blog post, I’d like to share some of the interesting things I learned when I didn’t have money.

3 thoughts on “Money Is Power

  1. I see nothing wrong with acknowledging the value of money, and the feeling of comfort when we have some. Money is a necessity dictated by our culture.
    I see everything wrong with accumulating it “just because”; or withholding it from serving a purpose.
    Money has no value unless it is used to do something! $5000.00 in the bank is doing nothing except making a little interest for its owner, and rather more interest for the bank. That $5000.00 of nothing will simply grow eventually to $5500.00 of nothing! It serves no purpose until it is used for a specific purpose (unless you want your successors to enjoy it after your passing!
    Saving for an education, a house, or even retirement is very logical as long as specific targets are established so that one knows when they are achieved.
    It is not so good to save “just in case”, when the “just in case” cannot be identified and valued. In this scenario, a large sum of money which could have been used very constructively and been hugely satisfying to its owner, is split between surviving family members who may well simply spend it irresponsibly. For somebody who worked hard for their money and saved it with some sacrifices… is that really what they would have wanted?

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    • Agree with all you said! The bank thing is really a clever human invention. And you are right, money is supposed to be used constructively and enjoyed, not relegated to a fictitious ‘just in case’.:-)

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