The Christian Version of The Story


A while back, I blogged about the Hindu version of the Story of Life and/or Human Existence.

Now, a Christian version.

But before proceeding, I highly recommend that you read the disclaimer first, then come back here if you are still drawn to read my divergent thoughts.

Adam and Eve in paradise. Disobeyed and ate the forbidden fruit, aka sinned. Driven out of paradise because they sinned. Cannot go back to paradise unless they earn their ticket back by following the Ten Commandments, or by simply acknowledging that the Son of God became a human sacrifice to atone for their sins.

And then the story was taken literally.

It became a doctrine.

It became a dogma.

It became an absolutely true story.

God-fearing and upright people shall not dare question the story. Or else,  they will be thrown into hell where they shall burn forever and ever for not believing in a mere tale.

We are trapped in the story; awaiting for the Messiah to come back for the rescue.

To me, the Hindu version and the Christian version are not very different from each other, especially in their core emphasis on “sin” as being the reason why we are here on this wretched world of suffering, injustice, inequality and constant toil. The only difference between the two stories is that the Christian version got rid of the concept of Reincarnation.

Are there other ways of telling the Story of Human Existence? Yes, there are many, as many as there are religions and belief systems. As many as there are nations and cultures rich with their own stories. As many as we include even the versions of the extraterrestrials.

Among the numerous stories told, which story feels more resonant with you?


What's Your Take? :-)

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