Reincarnation – Theory or Truth?

Is reincarnation real?

Is it the truth that we are souls moving from one physical body to another in a series of lifetimes until such time that we graduate and get liberated from being in the physical, at some point in time, usually in some imagined future time?

The story usually goes like this:

We came into the physical, entangled ourselves in matter, subsequently creating karma that we must untangle ourselves from in order to be freed from matter, so that we could go back to the heavenly abode we originally came from. In the course of our adventure or misadventure in the physical, we have created so much negative karma — we heavily entrenched ourselves in sin — so that it takes a very long time, perhaps thousands or millions of lifetimes, before we can earn our liberation, and admittance back to heaven.

Do the above story rings true to you?

It surely does make a lot of sense as it explains suffering, injustice, pain, inequality and all other human conditions and afflictions we see in our world.

The sages of the past used the concept of reincarnation to explain the Story of Life or the Nature of Existence to the masses. It is very much a valid way of storytelling as it makes a lot of sense to our one dimensional and linearly focused mind.

And then, the story was taken literally.

. . . it became a doctrine.

. . . it became a dogma.

. . . it became truth itself.

And then we got caught up in it. And we are still playing in it.

Are there other ways of telling the Story of Existence?

Yes, there are many, as many as there are religions and belief systems.

As we upgrade our energies, we must also upgrade our stories, and upgrade the way we tell our stories.

Otherwise, what is new under the sun?


3 thoughts on “Reincarnation – Theory or Truth?

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  2. When in the olden days people found it difficult to explain lot of things hence they developed reincarnation theory. As the science developed we are explaining lot of things, hence reincarnation theory is losing its relevance.

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    • Yes, it is so… I’m amazed that someone like you who was born deep into that religion can see it as what it is — only a theory. Many people in my country were born into the Christian religion (which is not even indigenous or original to them) and yet they never question any of its dogma.

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