How Do We Know If Someone Is Enlightened?

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It’s really none of our business to gossip whether someone is enlightened or not. But for the sake of asking a question and then answering it, here are some thoughts:

The best and surest way to know whether a certain person is enlightened or not, is to become enlightened yourself. For how would you know if someone is enlightened if you do not know what enlightenment is all about?

A spiritual guru may be viewed as enlightened by thousands and even millions of followers, and this is why they follow him in the first place. The followers believe, or they have faith, that he is an enlightened being, and thus he has the power to help bring about their own enlightenment or salvation.

Either that they believe they have something to get from following a guru (or a certain religion), or they just follow the crowd for the sake of being seen as religious or spiritual. 

It can also be the case that a spiritual guru has so much charisma and radiance by virtue of being enlightened indeed, and these qualities alone are enough to attract followers who are drawn to the guru’s magnetism.

Being a spiritual guru, complete with followers does not, of course, attest to a person’s enlightened status. An enlightened person may be somewhere in the wilderness or desert with no followers or students, but have only the plants, the animals, the night sky, to keep him good company.

4 thoughts on “How Do We Know If Someone Is Enlightened?

  1. I have seen lot of people following spiritual gurus in the hope that a miracle will happen and that will solve their problems. Not sure self proclaimed spiritual gurus are en-lighted themselves are not.

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    • Yes, very typical indeed for those who do not want to take responsibility of their own stuff. I used to think that all so-called spiritual gurus are enlightened. I thought enlightenment is a prerequisite to become a spiritual guru/teacher.

      It turns out that the term “spiritual teacher” can mean any teacher who teaches something about spirituality. At least that’s what I recently found out as I looked through the many services advertised in the internet by various kinds of spiritual teachers. 🙂


  2. Hi Allu! This was interesting. I firmly believe that you never really know if you are enlightened or not, for we are all pilgrims on our own journey and we may be further along the path than someone else that’s all. However, if you are enlightened, you will not even notice this, you are just staying the moment and you keep going. A true guru teaches you G (Gee) U (You) R (Are) U (You!) Thanks for visiting my blog as well! Many Blessings, Barbara xxxxx

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    • Hmmm.. that’s an interesting take Barbara, that you wouldn’t know if you are enlightened or not. But then yes, it could be true as one could be unaware if they’ve ‘shifted’ or not as there are many levels of enlightenment indeed. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! 🙂


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